Interview Guidelines

  1. Please answer the interview questions accordingly on the form under ‘Request an Interview’. No profanity in your responses is allowed. The interview will be posted on my site for the entire month. If you want to do a second author interview in the future, I won’t consider your request until a year later.
  2. You may email me up to a maximum of FOUR book cover images, although if you send me four they must be small to medium size images. If you only send me one or two, then they can be medium to large. ALL IMAGES MUST BE IN .JPEG OTHERWISE THEY WON’T BE ACCEPTED. The genres I prefer not to have on my site are horror, erotica, and nonfiction due to my personal preference.
  3. Once chosen for an interview, in exchange for this free service, I’ll require you to share my book buy link listed below.
  4. I have 100% control on whether or not I choose to work with you. By submitting an author interview request form, you understand all these rules and will abide by them.

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