Rose Titus

Where do you get your ideas?: I get my ideas from everyday life. Some event happens, either in the news, or in my life, or the lives of others around me, and I think about it, and after awhile, I turn on the computer and a story comes out. I used to work in a state hospital and people talked about the place being “haunted.” Yeah, that ended up as a story in “Key 13.” (A collection of short stories.) I knew a man who was always talking about aliens. There was another story in “Key 13” inspired by listening to him go on and on about aliens. Another time I was listening to a news program and they explored this expert’s theory that legends about vampires were probably inspired by people who suffered from porphyria, which is sometimes called the “vampire disease.” It causes people to need to avoid sunlight and such. So then I began to wonder, what if vampires were not monsters, but merely people with an inherited condition? And what if they suffered terrible persecution because of people’s ignorance and superstition? This inspired the novella “Night Home,” which ended up becoming the first of the “Vampire Next Door” trilogy, which includes “After Dark” and “All the Way to the Moon.” I also do a feature for Blood Moon Rising Magazine called the “Rose Files,” which is basically true scary stories from real life: evidence of actual zombies in Haiti (the true story of Clairvius Narcisse – who recovered from being a zombie!), real life “werewolves” (people suffering from hypertrichosis – and the scary thing is how our society treats people who are different), real life stories of possible reincarnation, possibly true ghost stories, Bigfoot, Nessie, (both of which are possibly real), and other. It’s not hard to find plenty of stuff to write about if you just wander through life with your eyes open.

How long on average does it take you to write a book?: Six months to a year, but then it needs to be proofread and revised. And it also depends on how long the book is.

What advice do you have for your aspiring writers?: Do your research, and don’t research from only a single source. Also, if you write fantasy, make it seem realistic. Make the people seem like real people. Make your monsters seem like real people, also. And remember, the scariest monsters in the world are in fact real people.

What’s the next project you’re working on?: Right now, I’m working on a sort of continuation of the “Vampire Next Door” trilogy, but it will take place in a dystopian future. A future in which the United States is taken over by a cruel dictator. People live in poverty, suffer injustice, and the environment is devastated. But this is only fantasy, as this could never happen in America, in real life. Could it?

Website : I only have an author Facebook page, which I use as my “website”:

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